When normal wear and tear result in failed lines and systems, repairs and replacements can be costly.

That’s where UtilityShield comes in. Driven by our philosophy to provide purpose-driven products, we have designed a suite to help homeowners protect their budgets and better manage their energy usage. With one call, customers can turn the repair process and cost of repair over to us.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover repairs to utility lines and HVAC systems that fail through normal use.

Consumers are responsible for the cost of necessary repair or replacement. Because the typical homeowner is not aware they are responsible for these costs, and not their homeowners insurance, most have not set aside money to pay for repairs – and many do not even know who to call for service.

UtilityShield Home Protection plans offer affordable options with no cancellation fees—just protection that’s there when you need it.


Leaks and damages often happen unexpectedly, and can lead to expensive repairs from:
  • Old Age
    Every day wear and tear

  • Weather
    Extreme temperature changes

  • Environment
    Damaging storms and tree roots

To learn more about our coverage options, please call 877-275-8197.

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